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This Collection of Merchandise Supports Trails in Tennessee State Parks.

From the Mississippi to the Appalachians, trails connect us to the places we love the most. At Tennessee State Parks, trails connect visitors to the natural, cultural, and historic sites that make these places worth protecting. That’s why Tennessee State Parks has teamed up with the Tennessee-based lifestyle brand Tristar Adventures to create a special collection of merchandise that supports trails in Tennessee State Parks.

A portion of each sale from this collection helps build, maintain, and enhance trails within Tennessee State Park. That means you’re making a difference at Tennessee State Parks and your new merchandise proves it. We hope that park and trail supporters will sport this new merchandise with pride and encourage others to do the same because together, we can build a brighter future for trails at Tennessee State Parks.


A collage of people hikingPhotos L to R: @justin_l_groce, @matt_morrison86, @go_burgdorff, TSP Ranger Holly Frerich.

Why Trails Need Protection

This collection’s release comes at a time when trails have been receiving lots of love. Trail usage across the country is exceeding what we’ve seen in years past. In addition to increased usage due to the pandemic, the Outdoor Foundation reports that trail use has been on a steady increase over the past ten years. While we love to see new faces on the trails, the rise in use has increased the frequency at which our trails require maintenance. Part of what makes trails at Tennessee State Parks so special is that they’re free for everyone to access and enjoy. So while the trails don’t require a cost to access, the use of trails does create an ongoing cost.

By purchasing an item from our collection with Tristar Adventures, you are directly contributing to the construction, maintenance, and enhancement of trails in Tennessee State Parks.

How Are the Proceeds Used to Support Trails

A portion of the proceeds from each sale will go into the Tennessee State Parks Trail Fund. The TSP Trails Administrator works with parks to use these funds to build new trails, conduct trail maintenance, purchase equipment, complete trail enhancements or repairs, etc. You can view previous projects completed with these funds and keep up with other TSP trail news by following TSP Trail Pack on Instagram.

Note that the General Assembly appropriates funds for park maintenance and trail building. However, the demand for new trails and the need for maintenance often outpace the funding. Partnerships like this allow trail lovers and users a chance to dedicate additional resources to that specific area of the park they love.

Sustainable Merchandise

The shirts in this collection are made of 100% Recycled Materials by Recover Sustainable Apparel Co. (50% post-consumer PET, 50% upcycled cotton). We chose to print on this brand of shirts because of their mission to create the best, most environmentally friendly, and socially responsible products. The company makes the material from plastic bottles that are processed and extruded into yarn. The finished product is extremely durable with a buttery-soft feel. Check out a video of the material production process here.

Collage of people wearing shirts that say This shirt Builds TrailsPhotos L to R, Top to Bottom: @matt_morrison86, @justin_l_groce, @go_burgdorff, TSP Ranger Holly Frerich, TSP Ranger Jackson Gibson.

Shop the Collection, Support Trails.       

By purchasing an item from our collection, you are directly contributing to the construction, maintenance, and enhancement of trails in Tennessee State Parks. Check out the collection!


Tristar Adventures is a Tennessee-based lifestyle that designs products with the adventurer in mind. Their commitment to supporting our Tennessee trailways and mission to work with sustainable brands led them to partner with Tennessee State Parks. Every product that Tristar produces is trail-tested to meet the apparel needs of an outdoor enthusiast.

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