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Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park


Bicentennial Event Space

Bicentennial Capital Mall State Park is a great outdoor venue for events of all size. This prime location in downtown Nashville provides spectacular views of the State Capitol and Capitol Hill. The park is divided up into 4 rental areas. All areas have electrical access available.

  • The Amphitheater (Area B): This is our most popular choice for weddings and concerts. The amphitheater is built in the tradition of Greek architecture and can comfortably seat over 2,000 people. The amphitheater has hosted everything from small, intimate weddings to the Nashville Symphony.
  • Area C and D: Both of these areas approximately 60,000 square foot green spaces are ideal for festivals, corporate team building, car shows, exhibitions, or races.
  • Area E: This green space is much smaller than area C or D (approximately 30,000 square feet) and includes the Court of Three Stars, a memorial to Tennessee’s musical heritage.

The price to rent each area of the park is $1,545 per day or $775 for a half day. Please contact the park office directly for detailed pricing, reservations and more information.

Photography Credit: Ivory Door Studio and Jon Reindl Photography