Division of Natural Areas

The Division of Natural Areas shares a strong affiliation to Tennessee State Parks. These areas are protected for a variety of reasons and represent some of the most unique and treasured outdoor resources of Tennessee. Many state park guests also enjoy visiting natural areas during their trips. In fact, many natural areas are located within the boundaires of state parks. The Division of Natural Areas is part of the Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation. More information, including the full list and detailed descriptions and directions, are available on the Division's tn.gov webpage.

The Division of Natural Areas is dedicated to the protection and proper management of native plants, animals, and natural communities across Tennessee. Along with managing a state-wide system of natural areas, the Division of Natural Areas is a lead authority regarding the location and ecology of Tennessee’s rare species. With experts in conservation biology, botany, zoology, ecology, natural resource management, and geographic information systems (GIS), Division of Natural Areas professionals focus their efforts on searches, monitoring, conservation, restoration, and management of Tennessee's native species and plant communities. Data gathered by division biologists help guide the Bureau of Parks and Conservation in protecting Tennessee’s special places as state parks or natural areas. We also assist other land-management agencies, conservation organizations, and individuals to determine proper management of plants and animals on Tennessee’s protected lands and private property. Furthermore, rare species data maintained by the division are used by individuals, companies, and public agencies in the environmental permitting and review process.