Big Cypress Tree state park

Big Cypress Tree State Park is named for the national champion bald cypress tree that once lived in the park. The tree was the largest bald cypress in the United States and the largest tree of any species east of the Mississippi River. In 1976, during a lightning storm, a strike caused the tree to die after living for more than 1,350 years.

The park is a quaint, clean and relaxing spot to enjoy nature’s purity and beauty. A variety of native wild flowers and trees may be seen such as showy evening primrose, black-eyed Susans, yellow poplar, bald cypress and dogwood. Along with plant life there is an abundance of wildlife at Big Cypress and the park is popular location for birdwatchers. The park hosts several Boy Scout camporees each year as well as individual troop camping trips.

Picnicking is a popular activity at the park. The peaceful, quiet setting with plenty of shade makes it great for church outings along with family reunions and birthday parties. The largest picnic area can accommodate up to 35 people and is equipped with grills, water and electricity. The park also offers a playground and tree identification trail. The trail is easy to walk and ADA accessible. Click Here to learn more about ADA accessibility at Big Cypress Tree State Park.

Park Trail Maps

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