Rock Island State Park

Rock Island Go Green

Rock Island State Park has completed the Platinum Recognition Level of the TN State Parks Go Green With Us Initiative and Guidelines. The guidelines include multiple areas of environmental sustainability including education and outreach, water conservation, energy efficiency, waste and recycling, and much more. Congrats to this park for going above and beyond to be excellent stewards of our natural resources. 

Platinum Award Winner

The mission of the Tennessee State Parks Go Green With Us program is to preserve and protect our state parks through sustainable park operations, resource conservation, and recycling. Program components cover a diverse array of initiatives, including energy and water conservation through equipment and operations upgrades, recycling programs, projects to enhance ecosystem health, and erosion control, among many others.

  • Rock Island tracks park-wide energy use to identify areas for improvement. 
  • The park has an exotic invasive removal contract to make the park more habitable for native species which also creates more wildlife habitat. They are also enhancing the ecosystem through butterfly-attracting plants.
  • Tent pads are used in the campground to reduce erosion. The pads are man-made surfaces that protect the ground from damage caused by repeatedly setting up a tent in the same spot.
  • Drainage improvements at the campground help minimize damage caused by stormwater runoff.
  • The park is part of the TVA’s Green Power Switch program.
  • The park has installed strategically placed trash and recycling dumpsters in the campground.  
  • Solar lights illuminating our signage in the park
  • Maintains pollinator gardens
  • Composts at the park office
  • Maintains largescale pollinator habitat and meadow in a powerline corridor
  • Offered multiple volunteer days for sorting recycling and discussed the importance of recycling
  • Has water bottle filling station