Edgar Evins State Park

Edgar Evins Go Green

The mission of the Tennessee State Parks Go Green With Us program is to preserve and protect our state parks through sustainable park operations, resource conservation, and recycling. Program components cover a diverse array of initiatives, including energy and water conservation through equipment and operations upgrades, recycling programs, projects to enhance ecosystem health, and erosion control, among many others.

  • Edgar Evins State Park enhances the ecosystem and landscape through use of raised wooden platforms for tent and RV camping that minimize human impact.
  • They also enhance wildlife habitat with native plants, butterfly gardens, and organized volunteer litter pickups that sometimes include local businesses.
  • The visitor’s center has been upgraded to more efficient lighting, and the park is in the process of adding window film to several buildings which will reflect sunlight keeping the building cool and the energy costs down. The film is transparent and doesn’t change the view out the window.
  • Trash and recycling dumpsters have been strategically placed resulting in a decrease in the number of trashcans needed.