Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park

Bicentennial Capitol Mall Go Green

Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park has completed the Platinum Recognition Level of the TN State Parks Go Green With Us Initiative and Guidelines. The guidelines include multiple areas of environmental sustainability including education and outreach, water conservation, energy efficiency, waste and recycling and much more. Congrats to this park for going above and beyond to be excellent stewards of our natural resources.

Platinum Award Winner

The mission of the Tennessee State Parks Go Green With Us program is to preserve and protect our state parks through sustainable park operations, resource conservation, and recycling. Program components cover a diverse array of initiatives, including energy and water conservation through equipment and operations upgrades, recycling programs, projects to enhance ecosystem health, and erosion control, among many others.

  • Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park offers on-site recycling bins in across the park and in major gathering locations.
  • Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park has upgraded 85 percent of their lighting to LED, which is more energy efficient and has a much longer life than other types of lighting, greatly reducing maintenance costs. They have also installed dark sky compliant exterior lighting fixtures at the park that reduces light pollution.
  • The visitor’s center has reflective window film which reflects sunlight keeping the building cool and the energy costs down. The film is transparent and doesn’t change the view out the window.
  • The park recycles and reuses the water in the decorative fountains around the capitol mall.
  • Native plants and butterfly-attracting flowers add to the ecosystem health and can be found throughout the park. The park is also a registered arboretum.
  • The park installed bat boxes to promote their habitat.
  • The park worked with volunteer groups to removed invasive species.
  • B-Cycle station was installed next to the park along 7th ave. that allows visitors to rent bikes for hourly use.
  • Lights on timers in public bathrooms
  • Monarch Waystation
  • Recycled rubber speedbumps
  • New planters with native species
  • New, efficient timed irrigation system
  • Composts wood chips and grass clippings
  • Participates in the TN State Parks Honey Project