Radnor Lake State Park

Donate to Radnor Lake

Below are several opportunities for you to give directly to the park, the non-profit Friends Group supporting the park, and a statewide program providing trail building and maintenance funds to Tennessee State Parks. We appreciate your desire to give. If you choose to give today, we hope you choose one of these opportunities.

Direct Donation to the Park

Tennessee State Parks are free for everyone to visit and enjoy. If you love Radnor Lake State Park, you can donate today to help us continue investing in quality programs and services. Your donations will help make your favorite park even better! We'll use the donations for things like:

  • Building and maintaining new trails
  • Feeding and care for our birds of prey (eagles, hawks, owls, etc.)
  • Providing children's programs to connect youth to the outdoors
  • Projects that improve visitor experience, not funded by the state's General Fund

"I donate because Radnor Lake is my sanctuary. By hiking its diverse trails, I am able to connect to nature and gain physical and emotional strength. Turning a corner on a trail, you never know what you will encounter there. You may see a doe and new fawn, or you might come across a parade of wild turkeys. I've had owls swoop so low overhead I could catch the breeze off of their wings. It changes with the seasons and always rewards me when I visit." - Leslie Haines, 2021 Donor

Please note: Donations to state governments may qualify for itemized tax deductions. Please consult a qualified tax representative to learn more.

Donate to the Park

Friends of Radnor Lake

Friends of Radnor Lake

The Friends of Radnor Lake protects, preserves, and promotes the natural integrity of Radnor Lake through land acquisition, environmental education, and park support. The Friends Group operates its own website with information about the park along with ways to volunteer and donate. 

When you make a gift to Friends of Radnor Lake, you help protect land for future generations and you help to make Tennessee a better place to live, work and play. Giving to the Friends Group is a wonderful way to designate funding for particular uses, give in Memorial/Tribute gifts, and help with land acquisition costs and maintenance of the Barbara J. Mapp Aviary Education Center. 

Donate to the Friends

Join the Trail Pack

Do you love trails at Radnor Lake or other Tennessee State Parks?

As a Trail Pack supporter, you put your money where your boots are. Giving to the TSP Trail Pack makes it easy to support the maintenance and development of trails in the parks you love. Each $25 Trail Pack donation provides direct funding to the Tennessee State Parks trails program, supporting the future of your favorite trails.

Plus, we'll send you a bundle that includes some unique, annual vinyl stickers to show your love for trails at TSP!