Pickwick Landing State Park

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Our parks are free for everyone to visit and enjoy. If you love Pickwick Landing State Park, you can donate today to help us continue investing in quality programs and services. Your donations will help make your favorite park even better! We'll use the donations for things like:

  • Building and maintaining new trails
  • Feeding and care for our birds of prey (eagles, hawks, owls, etc.)
  • Providing children's programs to connect youth to the outdoors
  • Upgrading our playground equipment
  • Projects that improve visitor experience, not funded by the state's General Fund

Please note: Donations to state governments may qualify for itemized tax deductions. Please consult a qualified tax representative to learn more.

Donate to the Park

Friends of Pickwick Landing State Park

Friends of Pickwick Landing State Park

The Friends of Pickwick Landing State Park is a 501 c3 charitable organization dedicated to improving the experience for all visitors through the preservation, enhancement, and promotion of our park’s cultural, educational, historical, geological, and biological features, resources, and facilities.

Donate to Friends of Pickwick Landing State Park to support these valued programs:

  • Construction and maintenance of park aviaries
  • Supporting the park’s honeybee project as part of the TSP Honey Project
  • Raise funds for the construction of the new dog park
  • Miscellaneous park maintenance and beautification projects
  • Support of park programs and activities
Donate to the Friends