Frozen Head State Park


Frozen Head State Park is located in Cumberland Mountains among some of the tallest peaks in the state. The park offers three camping experiences including rustic camping at Big Cove Campground, primitive camping at Flat Fork Campground, and backcountry camping at one of nine sites.

Big Cove Camping

Nightly rates vary based on date and availability. Applicable taxes and fees applied at checkout. The $5 reservation fee per site is non-refundable.


Twenty rustic campsites are scattered throughout the Big Cove Camping area. Visitors will find a modern bathhouse that provides hot showers. A centrally located water faucet is provided for drinking water and a sink basin behind the bathhouse is provided for dishwashing. Each campsite is equipped with a parking slip, picnic table, grill, lantern hanger and fire ring. Electricity, water hookups and dump stations are not available at Frozen Head.

Two group sites, #5 & #18, with a capacity of 15 to 20 people are available in the Big Cove Campground and may be reserved online or by calling the park office up to a year in advance.

This campground is best suited for small RVs and tent camping. 

Primitive Camping

Nightly rates vary based on date and availability. Applicable taxes and fees applied at checkout. The $5 reservation fee per site is non-refundable.

Eight primitive group campsites are located in the Flat Fork Primitive Group Site Area located on Flat Fork Rd. Each of these sites holds up to 15 people. Flat Fork Primitive Group sites are located on the northern edge of the road between the Shelter A Picnic Area and the Panther Branch Trail Head. The sites are linear and located between the road and Flat Fork Branch. Flat Fork Creek can be dry during dry conditions.

One parking space per campsite. For additional parking, use the picnic area parking and/or the Panther Branch Trail Head parking area. Please pick up a campsite parking tag for additional vehicles parked in areas other than Flat Fork Primitive Group Sites. 

Backcountry Camping

Nightly rates vary based on date and availability. Applicable taxes and fees applied at checkout. The $5 reservation fee per site is non-refundable.

Frozen Head State Park boasts over 50 miles of backpacking trails with 9 designated backcountry campsites – 4 of which are group sites. Park Management encourages campers to reserve their campsite early to ensure they have a site upon arrival. Reservations must be made no later than 4:00 PM on day of planned stay. Multi-night camping in different locations is permitted with one reservation. Remember to follow all park rules.

Site capacity information and description can be found under site features on the backcountry camping reservation page. Please look closely at the campsite’s capacity when reserving; we encourage our campers to adhere to the minimum capacity for the group sites.

Hiking is required to reach each site. The mileages are listed with the campsite descriptions. No hiking is allowed on trails after dark. Please allow ample daylight hours to reach your designation. Each site has a designated fire ring. Check fire index sign in the Visitor Center parking lot. Levels 1 and 2 indicate backcountry fires are allowed. Levels 3 to 5 indicate no fires are permitted. Water must be filtered from the natural sources or carried in. Please plan your water needs in advance. Not all the sites have a dependable water source and availability is seasonal.

Please help us keep the backcountry clean for all our park visitors and follow the Leave No Trace policy. What you take in, you take back out. 

  • Reservations are required for ALL backcountry camping. Reservations may be made online or by calling the park office. 
  • Your reservation receipt is your permit. 
  • If you need to cancel or change your reservation prior to your visit, or have any questions, please call 423.346.3318.

***NOTE: A PAPER COPY of the camping receipt or a piece of paper with the name associated with the reservation, the date and the backcountry campsite you are staying in MUST be placed in the dash of each vehicle that is to be parked overnight.

Policies & Disclaimers

Firewood Policy

ALL campfires must be made with heat-treated wood or downed wood collected inside the park, near the campsite. Please do not bring untreated wood into the park.

Certified heat-treated wood is available to purchase from concessioners in many of the campgrounds as well as from vendors in the communities around the park. Certified heat-treated wood is clearly marked with a state/federal seal.

To learn more about what you can do to help prevent the spread of invasive pests, visit
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To find the locations of certified wood vendors at