South Cumberland State Park


South Cumberland State Park offers over 20 miles of hiking trails located at eight different trailheads. From peaceful walks through a meadow full of wildflowers to a trip back in time to a coal mining area to breath-taking overlooks of the Cumberland Plateau, South Cumberland is a wondrous hiking destination featuring waterfalls, vistas, historical areas, and some with old-growth trees.

Park Trail Maps

Visitor’s Center 

Meadow Trail Hike - 1-Mile - Easy

1-mile easy, round-trip hike with views of wildflowers, wildlife, a pond, and berries; can you identify what the trail used to be before it was a park? Ask a Ranger for the answer!

Grundy Lakes

Lone Rock Trail - 2.3-Miles - Easy

An easy 2.3-mile roundtrip hike circling the Grundy Lakes. Set time aside to explore the coke ovens and enjoy the views of the lakes in this historical area. Ask a desk attendant for a brochure on the ovens.

Fiery Gizzard

Grundy Day Loop - 2-Miles - Moderate

This moderate 2-mile roundtrip hike will take you past multiple waterfalls, ancient trees, and plenty of enjoyable swimming holes. 

Sycamore Falls Loop - 3-Miles - Moderate

A moderate, 3-mile hike that drops off the top of the plateau and brings you to some interesting geologic formations and waterfalls. Don’t forget your bathing suit to take a dip in the refreshing Sycamore Falls swimming hole! 

Climber’s Loop - 2-Miles

This 2-mile roundtrip hike takes you along a beautiful cliff line and along the base of towering bluff walls. Oh, and the picturesque Foster Falls is located on this hike!    

Raven’s Point Loop - 10-Miles - Difficult

A difficult 10-mile trek into some of the more remote areas of the Fiery Gizzard. Please allow adequate time to make this hike (and of course to see the many springs, sinks, caves, overlooks, and waterfalls). Meet this trail by way of the Fiery Gizzard below Sycamore Falls and be sure to check out the Raven’s Point spur trail. 

Foster Falls to Small Wilds - 5-Miles

A 5-mile out-and-back hike that will take you past waterfalls and some pretty cool overlooks. 

Buggy Top

Buggy Top Trail - 4-Miles - Moderate

A moderately difficult 4-mile roundtrip hike to one of the largest cave openings in Tennessee. Watch your footing as you descend into Lost Cove and rest at the opening of the cave before heading back up. Bring lots of water.

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