Radnor Lake State Park


Radnor Lake is day-use only and is protected as a Class II Natural Area, so the trails are strictly used for hiking and wildlife observation. Trails are off limits to pets, jogging, and bicycles.

Radnor Lake has some of the highest hills in the Nashville Basin. Wildlife is amazingly abundant. One can observe geese, herons, coots, and other birds as well as many species of salamanders, frogs, snakes, lizards, turtles, and mammals. Hundreds of species of wildflowers, mosses, fungi, ferns, and other lesser plants as well as trees, shrubs, and vines add to the natural ecological diversity of the area. 

Access Trail - 0.25 Miles
Mulch Surface - Yellow Blaze - Moderate

Dam Walkway - 0.20 Miles - ADA Accessible
Gravel Surface - Purple Blaze - Easy

Ganier Ridge Trail - 1.65 Miles
Natural Surface - Red Blaze - Difficult

Hall Road Historic Valve House Trail - 0.40 Miles
Mulch Surface - Black Blaze - Easy

Lake Trail - 1.35 Miles - ADA Accessible
Mulch/ Gravel Surface - Blue Blaze - Easy

Otter Creek Road - 1.05 Miles - ADA Accessible
Paved Surface - Black Blaze - Dogs and Bikes Allowed

South Cove Trail - 1.40 Miles
Mulch Surface - White Blaze - Difficult

South Lake Trail - 0.90 Miles 
Mulch Surface - Green Blaze - Moderate

Spillway Trail - 0.25 Miles - ADA Accessible
Mulch Surface, Blue Blaze - Easy