Port Royal State Historic Park

Historical Tours

After Tennessee statehood in 1796, Port Royal was one of the earliest towns established in middle Tennessee. Port Royal quickly became regionally important due to the establishment of a tobacco inspection point, and a flatboat yard. Throughout its history, it served an essential role in the development of Tennessee's commerce and politics.

This tour takes visitors on a journey through Port Royal's history and explains the towns role in events that impacted the state and nation. Port Royal, once a thriving river port for Tennessee's tobacco trade, was center stage to multiple events that shaped not only Tennessee's future, but also the nation's. From Tennessee's settlement and early western migration to Cherokee Removal and the Black Patch Tobacco War, the town and people of Port Royal witnessed the highs and lows of the development of the United States we know today.

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Our historical tour of the town, "From Commerce to Collapse", gives visitors an opportunity to learn about Port Royal's role in Tennessee history. These tours occur every Saturday & Sunday at 1:00 pm year-round and last 1 hour. There is a $5 cost associated with the tour.