Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Park


Forks of the River - 0.30 Miles - Easy. This is a pleasant walk off the Enclosure Trail to where the Big Duck River and the Little Duck River meet to form the Duck River. The Duck River has been recognized by National Geographic Magazine as one of the five most boidiverse rivers in the entire world.

Moat Trail - 0.45 Miles - Easy. Also known as the Old River Channel Trail, this trail connects to the Forks of the River Trail and the Enclosure Trail. The trail traverses an abandoned river channel below the western wall of the Old Stone Fort.

Garrison Road Trail - 0.80 Miles - Moderate. This trailhead is also behind the camper check-in building. The name refers to a fort from the very early 1800s called Purdie’s Garrison. The road served as a route of the Nickajack Trace as it ran from the Purdie’s Garrison to the area of the Old Stone Fort. You will also walk a short stretch on the earliest paved section of Highway 41, now lost in the woods. This route returns across a pleasant area on higher ground.

Nature Trail - 0.85 Miles - Easy. Located behind by the camper check-in station, this trail offers a pleasant walk through the woods and returns through the back end of the campground.
A short portion passes near the Duck River.

Backbone Trail - 1.25 Miles - Moderate to Strenuous. Also known as the Little Duck River Loop Trail, this is an extension of the main interpretive path. Backbone Ridge is a remarkable erosional feature that separates the long abandoned channel from the current channel of the Little Duck River. The ridge may have had its own ceremonial significance to the enclosure builders.

Enclosure Trail - 1.40 Miles - Easy to Moderate. Accessed behind the stone museum building, the trail has a set of 12 interpretive signs to help explain the enclosure site along the way. The path is a loop that follows the perimeter of the fort, traveling along the deep gorges cut by the rivers on either side of the site. It first goes between the two pedestal mounds flanking an entrance to the enclosure. The entrance was designed to face the exact spot on the horizon where the sun rises during the summer solstice. Step Falls, Blue Hole Falls, and Big Falls can be viewed from the trail, as well as remnants of an old paper mill foundation. Please use caution by the cliff area.