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Norris Dam State Park


Andrew’s Ridge Trail - 1.95 Miles - Easy Moderate. The Andrews Ridge Trail is located atop the park’s highest point near the rim of the West campground. This trail has minor elevation changes as it meanders through the remnants of the old home sites that once inhabited this ridge prior to Norris Dam.

Rock Creek Trail - 1.20 Miles - Moderate to Difficult. The Rock Creek Trail is part of the Andrews Ridge Trail System. This adventurous trail is a loop off the West side of Andrews Ridge Trail that takes you on a quick trip into the cool, moist valley where you’ll encounter a maze of rocky creek beds.

Sinkhole Trail - 0.85 Miles - Easy to Moderate. The Sinkhole Trail is part of the Andrews Ridge Trail System making a loop that connects to the Eastern side, center section of Andrews Ridge Trail. This ridge trail gets its name from a particularly large sinkhole located on the left at the very end of the trail.

Lake View Trail - 4.75 Miles - Moderate to Difficult. This nearly five mile trail provides views of the lake and the chance to see a variety of plants and other historic features. Along the trail are remnants of the many old homesteads that once rested on the ridges before the dam was built and the valley below was flooded.

Lakeside Trail - 0.40 Miles - Easy. The Lakeside Trail is a heavily trafficked trail due to its short distance and proximity to the ever popular and historical Norris Dam. Take a few extra minutes to explore the area on and around the dam itself.If it’s open during your visit, step into the TVA Information Center across the street for a great visual history lesson of the creation and construction of the Tennessee Valley Authority’s very first dam built in 1933-1936 under F. D. Roosevelt’s New Deal. This was the beginning of electricity for the poor families of the Appalachian Valley.

Christmas Fern Trail - 0.50 Miles - Easy. Along this path down the hill, you can see a huge variety of species in a short distance: American holly, umbrella magnolia, paw paw, white oak, red maple, American beech, flowering dogwood, heart’s-a-bus- tin’, yarrow, wingstem, Christmas ferns and random patches of delicious raspberries when in season.

High Point Trail - 2.60 Miles - Moderate to Difficult. High Point Trail follows the undefined boundary between the City of Norris’ watershed and Norris Dam State Park. It runs parallel to the contour of the lakeshore. The trail crosses back and forth across the defined boundary several times to its end.

Fitness Trail - 0.95 Miles - Easy to Moderate. The Fitness Trail is a popular trail for our local residents. This course was designed with senior citizens in mind to acquire a well-rounded workout in a peaceful, outdoor environment.

Marine Railway Loop - 4.00 Miles - Moderate to Difficult. The Marine Railway Trail is the park’s most diverse trail. The elevation changes are a great example of how multiple ecological community’s transition from one to another as they conform to the contours of the landscape.

Camp Sam Trail - 0.95 Miles - Moderate. The trail is easy entering and exploring the CCC Camp. If you wish to complete the trail in its entirety, the backside becomes relatively difficult as you steeply traverse up to the first junction and kiosk on High Point Trail at this trails highest point. As you walk down the old roadbed, take a step back in timeto the era of President Roosevelt and his New Deal projects: the TVA and the CCC. Travel the wide roadbed 0.4 miles to a CCC Camp that once stood in this hollow from 1933-1942. During these years, 200 men per year lived at this camp while working on conservation projects around the area.

Hootin Hollow Trail - 1.10 Miles - Easy to Moderate. The Hootin Hollow Trail derives its name from the common call of the barred owls that can be heard as you hike above and alongside the Gaylor Hollow Fishing Cove. Try an evening hike to experience the best chance for owl encounters.

Tennis Court Trail - 0.40 Miles - Easy. The Tennis Court Trail can be easily overlooked since it is the shortest trail on the park, but don’t let its distance fool you. This trail provides an easy, nature-bound experience for the Deluxe Cabin guests to access the park’s Village Green Complex of activities and information. It is a wide and shady trail designated for foot traffic only.

Harmon Loop - 0.40 Miles - Easy to Moderate. The Harmon Loop Trail is a popular trail for our local residents mostly during the evenings and on weekends. This is a quick and quiet stroll to take when time is limited. It is a single track designated for foot traffic only.

Tall Timbers Trail - 0.40 Miles - Easy. Tall Timber Trail is part of the CCC trail system. These trails are a series of linear trails that are connected and run between the dam and Rustic Cabin #10.

Lakeside Loop - 2.40 Miles - Moderate. The Lakeside Loop is connected to the backside of the Lake View Trail near the end of the East side trail system. While most of this trail is wide, it does contain some single track around a pond that is only present after a high lake event. The trail provides numerous opportunities to a variety of plants and trees as it crosses in and out of the forest.

Elkins Trail - 2.25 Miles - Moderate to Strenuous. The Elkins Trail is located atop the park’s highest point near the rim of the West campground. As you start out toward the Andrews Ridge Trail, you’ll see the trailhead to the Elkins Trail immediately on the left. This trail gradually descends down to the back of a cove on Norris Lake and then ascends back up to the rim.

Chuckmore Trail - 2.30 Miles - Moderate to Strenuous. Chuckmore Trail ties the Andrews Ridge Trail system back over to Marine Railway. The trail starts on top of a ridge, continues almost all the way down to lake level, then rises back up to one of the highest points in the park before crossing the park entrance and ending at Marine Railway.