Natchez Trace State Park

Firing Range

The Natchez Trace Firing Range is free to use with a permit. Permits are available at the gate. The range is open every day during daylight hours but may be closed during law enforcement training.

The firing range consists of two separate ranges. There is a rifle and also a pistol range. At each range, there are blackboards provided but you must bring your own paper target. The rifle range consists of a shooting shelter with targets set up at 50 and 100 yards respectively. Any caliber rifle is welcome to shoot. We do ask there be no shotguns used on the range because of the damage they do to the blackboards. The pistol range has four stations with shooting distances ranging from 3 to 25 yards. Each station can accommodate from four to twelve shooters depending on the number of targets set up at the time. Please pick up all your own brass when using either range.

 Due to a renovation in 2014, when a berm was added between ranges, both ranges can now be used simultaneously. Each range is operated on a first-come, first-served basis. Please be considerate of others when shooting and there will be absolutely NO firing when someone else is downrange. There are other rules and regulations posted at the range. Anyone who does not follow these rules and regulations is subject to being banned from the range.

The range is free to use. You are required to fill out a permit stating you have read and understand the rules and regulations regarding the range. These permits can be obtained by driving through the gate at the range and looking to your left. Here you will see a station with two mailboxes. At the first box you will take out a permit, read it, sign it, and tear off the perforated portion to retain. The other portion you will deposit into the remaining mailbox. There is also a donation tube located beside the permit station. Any money donated is used for the maintenance and upkeep of the range.