Mousetail Landing State Park




GPS Coordinates: 35°41'24.2"N 88°00'25.6"W

Directions to Access Point: Drive 3.6 miles down HWY 438 E off of 438 E, left on Parrish Rd for 3.5 miles, left on Lower Lick Creek Rd for 1.3 miles and the boat ramp will be on the left. The gravel parking lot accommodates approximately 5-10 vehicles. There are no restrooms. One single lane concrete unregulated boat ramp.

Description: Lick Creek is the most downstream section of the water trail. Paddlers are encouraged to drive to the Lick Creek boat ramp rather than paddle the Tennessee River down and back. Put in at the Lick Creek boat launch ramp and go left along the shoreline of the embayment to the clear headwaters of the tributary’s namesake. Continue to follow the shoreline and enjoy the sights, sounds and fishing opportunities of this peaceful backwater tributary where bald cypress, willow, buttonbush and aquatic vegetation support habitat for a variety of songbirds, waterfowl, fish, and mammals indigenous to the area. Before reaching the confluence with the Tennessee River, watch for motorized boats and paddle across the embayment to the opposite shoreline and take-out at the boat launch ramp where you started your trip.


GPS Coordinates: N 35 38' 58.2" W 88 01' 01.0"

Directions to Access Point: Drive 1.9 miles down HWY 438W off of HWY 412 W follow signs to the park boat ramp. The gravel parking lot is partially paved and accommodates approximately 50 trailered vehicles. There is a portable toilet, courtesy dock, and a two-lane concrete boat ramp.

Trail Description: Spring Creek Embayment is the most frequented section of the Mousetail Landing State Park Water trail. The park’s main boat launch ramp is the put-in and take-out point for kayaks, canoes, standup paddleboards, and motorized watercraft. Campers welcome the close proximity to their campsite. Paddlers may also choose to put in and take out at the Park Swim Beach access area. The popular shoreline float trip takes approximately ninety minutes. The embayment is a no wake zone with a shallow shoreline and two small islands near the headwaters of its namesake. Bald eagle, heron, osprey, and various songbirds frequent the area in the summer while an abundant species of waterfowl migrate to the area in the fall and winter.

THE SLOUGH  - View Map

GPS Coordinates: N 35  38' 52.1" W 88 02'47.3"

Directions to Access Point: Drive 1.9 miles down HWY 438W off of HWY 412 W. Follow the signs to the park boat ramp. The gravel parking lot is next to the historic pump house and accommodates approximately 20 trailered vehicles. A portable toilet is within walking distance in the adjacent paved parking lot. There is a single lane concrete boat ramp.

Trail Description: The Slough is the most primitive and ecologically vibrant section of the park water trail. Put in at the smaller boat launch next to the historic pump house. Proceed directly across the water through an opening wide enough for canoes and kayaks to enter the narrow channel paralleling the TN River. Be watchful of experienced anglers in jon boats outfitted for shallow water who infrequently travel the slough. Continue along the slough navigating your way through logs and cypress stumps in the shallow water. These natural features are part of the beauty of the picturesque landscape complimented by the red-eye sliders and snapping turtles resting on them. Take a moment to stop and listen to the chorus of songbirds, crickets, and frogs and try not to get startled by an occasional awakening of flocks of egret as you enter tranquil areas along the route. Occasionally look through an opening in the tree line for a glimpse of the TN River. When you reach the bridge, turn around and return to the boat launch where you started your trip. For a longer float trip continue past the bridge and enter the wetlands wildlife refuge area. Just past the two islands turn around in the wide lake and return to the boat launch where you started your trip. There are no other access points along the route.