Harrison Bay State Park


Harrison Bay State Park is located on the largest open water area of Chickamauga Lake. Shorebirds, wintering waterfowl, osprey, and bald eagles are frequently seen. A bald eagle nest is located on the golf course and is the site for the “Eagle Cam” for Tennessee State Parks. One hundred thirty species of birds have been observed. For more nearby birding locations, view flyer.

Harrison Bay, Bay Point Loop Trail: 35.16831, -85.11976, Winter, Spring, Fall
4.50 Miles | Natural Surface | Moderate
Forested trail that follows along the lakeshore and shallow bays.
Featured Birds: pine warbler, Tennessee warbler, blackpoll warbler, black-throated green warbler, videos, red-headed woodpecker, brown-headed nuthatch, northern flicker, brown creeper, and waterfowl.

Harrison Bay, Picnic Area: 35.16703, -85.12590, Winter, Spring, Fall
0.25 Mile | Paved/Natural Surface | Easy
This wooded and semi-open peninsula provides easy views into the main lake and bay area containing the marina.
Featured Birds: black tern, Caspian tern, osprey, Canada goose, great blue heron, common loon, horned grebe, bald eagle, gulls, scaups, ducks, and mergansers.