Fall Creek Falls State Park

Canopy Challenge Course

Join us in the trees for 2.5 hours of zip-riding, heart-pounding, bridge-crossing, breath-taking, tree-climbing, eco-friendly, unforgettable fun! Test your agility and resolve on 70+ aerial obstacles including ladders, wobbly bridges, rope swings, cargo nets, balance beams and zip lines. Following thorough instruction at Ground School, you will be let loose to explore six different 8-to-13-element routes ranging from serene to extreme.

This is a self-guided adventure. Supervised and encouraged by competent guides, participants move through the course connected to a flexible lifeline system that uses smart-belay technology to ensure connectivity to overhead cables. Canopy Challenge Course at Fall Creek Falls provides all the necessary equipment (full-body harness, helmet, zip line trolley, and smart-belay connector). Participants need only bring a sense of adventure and their own daring.

Options available for children as young as four years of age to active seniors in moderate to good health. Large groups welcome. Call for group pricing and details. Walk-in tickets available. Advance reservations are recommended.

For more information regarding rates, physical requirements and tour times, please visit the link below or call 615-499-5779.