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Edgar Evins State Park


Cemetery Trail — 0.1 Miles — Natural Surface — Moderate
Evins Ridge Trail — 0.5 Miles — Natural Surface — Moderate
Campground/Marina Trail — 1.0 Miles — Natural Surface — Easy-Moderate
Highland Rim Loop Trail — 2.0 Miles — Natural Surface — Moderate-Difficult, Water by Trail. Located at the Visitor Center, this trail has an abundance of spring wildflowers. 
Hillside Storybook Trail - 0.50 Miles - Natural Surface - Easy-Moderate
Millennium Loop Trail — 2.5 Miles — Natural Surface — Moderate, Water by Trail
Merritt Ridge Loop Trail — 5.5 Miles — Natural Surface — Moderate-Difficult, Water by Trail. As the longest and most challenging trail, Merritt Ridge Trail rises upon the ridges from an intersection along the 2.5 mile Jack Clayborn Millennium Trail Loop. By combining the two trails a hiker can enjoy approximately 8 miles of diverse terrain.

Both the Millennium Trail and the Merritt Ridge Trail share the same trailhead. Registration is required at this trailhead. Other trails vary in length and do not require registration.