Dunbar Cave State Park

Dunbar Cave Tours

Dunbar is one of the largest caves in Montgomery County. This eight mile long cave has historical, natural, archaeological significance. Archaeological excavations revealed that the cave has been occupied by man for thousands of years, drawn by its constant stream flow and shelter provided at the mouth of the cave. One of the unique features of the cave are Mississippian native American iconography, dating from approximately 1350 AD. Dunbar Cave was a sacred place to the people. Religious symbols including concentric circles, rayed suns, and an anthropomorphic warrior figure were drawn and carved on the walls of the cave and can be seen on the tour.

The cave is also habitat for several rare animals including the federally threatened Northern long-eared Bat, a blind cave crayfish and the southern cavefish. Cave salamanders, crickets and other animals as well as fungi and bacteria live near the front of the cave in the area known as the twilight zone.

Tours of Dunbar Cave are offered seasonally and tickets are required to enter Dunbar Cave. Tours usually begin in May. Reservations are are strongly recommended and may be made online. Cave tours frequently sell out and reservations are the only way to ensure a spot is available for you and/or your party. Please plan accordingly.

Tours begin May 9, 2018.

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Due to the presence of White Nose Syndrome (WNS) in our cave, clean caving protocols are in effect. Learn more.