David Crockett State Park


The 1,100-acre park is primarily covered in pine-oak-hickory forest. The over six miles of trails in the park offer opportunities for viewing woodland birds including migrants in the spring and fall. Non-forested areas especially around the park office are good for observing eastern bluebirds, eastern phoebe, great-crested flycatchers, and sparrows. The boat dock and dam offer views of the 40-acre Lake Lindsey. From these locations look for Canada goose, mallard, great blue and green herons, belted kingfisher, and swallows. Bald eagles are also occasionally seen. In winter, look for waterfowl on the lake. Also in winter, search for red-breasted nuthatches in the pines. Over 100 species of birds have been identified in the park. For more birding locations, VIEW FLYER.