David Crockett State Park

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A variety of boats are available for rent. Visitors may pay for watercraft rentals with cash at the boat dock or with a debit/credit card by stopping by or calling the park office.


Available from Memorial Day until the 2nd weekend in August

Paddleboard Hourly $7.00
Canoe Hourly $7.00
Canoe ½ Day $14.00
Canoe Full Day $25.00

Kayak Single Hourly $7.00
Kayak Single ½ Day $14.00
Kayak Single Full Day $25.00
Kids Kayaks Hourly $7.00
Kids Kayaks ½ Day $14.00
Kids Kayaks Full Day $25.00

Pedal Boat ½ Hour Per Person $1.75 
Pedal Boat Hourly Per Person $2.50 
Pedal Boat Premium ½ Hour Per Person $2.50 
Pedal Boat Premium Hourly Per Person $5.00 

Available Year-Round

Row boats may be rented at the park office when the boat dock is closed.

Row Boat Cabin Guest Full Day $9.00 
Row Boat ½ Day $9.00 
Row Boat Full Day $16.00 
Row Boat Hourly $3.00 
Row Boat Weekly $75.00