Cummins Falls State Park


Gorge Access Permits Required - The park now offers gorge access permits that are required for any visitor wishing to enter the gorge or visit the base of the waterfall. Details about the permit are available here. You can purchase permits online or at the park visitor center. Due to the limited daily quantity of permits, we recommend purchasing your permit online in advance. Please note: No refunds, exchanges, date transfers, or rain checks will be issued for permits. 


Trail Access that Requires a Permit:

The park has a trail that runs through the gorge to the base of the waterfall. Trail routes to the gorge, through the gorge, and to the base of the waterfall are rugged and steep with uneven terrain. They have significant elevation drops and include walking along the rocky riverbed. Natural trail surfaces are varied and include water crossings, boulders and other obstacles. These are not improved trails. 

Shortcut to Downstream - 1.0 Miles - Natural Surface - Moderate
Downstream Trail - 1.5 Miles - Natural Surface - Difficult

Trails and rocks at the waterfall and gorge area are often slippery, so wear sturdy shoes and remember safety first. Keep in mind the weather when planning your visit. Sudden heavy rainfalls can result in flash floods and streams can become very dangerous.

The gorge area of the park is a natural feature unaltered by man, as is most of the park. Therefore, there are inherent hazards. While very beautiful, this is a rugged area.

  • The hike to the gorge is not an improved trail. This is an adventurous hike and is not suitable for small children.
  • USCG approved life jackets are advised if you plan to get in the water below the falls. While some life jackets are available at the park, we recommend bringing your own.
  • The less you take to the bottom of the waterfall the better. It is best to limit belongings to items that will fit in a small backpack.
  • Keep your hands free.
  • Wear sturdy shoes. Flipflops are not recommended.
  • Rather than try to take a picnic to the gorge area, plan to eat in the designated picnic area and just take snacks and water to the gorge.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the park.

More important details about the gorge and gorge safety are available here

Trail Access that do not require a permit:

Waterfall Overlook Trail — 0.4 Miles - Natural Surface - Moderate

  • The park's most popular feature is Cummins Falls, a 75' waterfall. The waterfall can be viewed from the Waterfall Overlook Trail from the overlook on top of the bluff overlooking the gorge. 

Upstream Trail - 0.5 Miles - Natural Surface - Moderate

  • The park also offers access upstream from the waterfall 

Delia Bell Meadow Trail - 3.0 Miles - Natural Surface - Moderate

  • The park also offers three miles of trail that includes an overlook of the Blackburn Fork River.