Cumberland Mountain State Park


Byrd Creek Trail - 2.00 Miles - Easy to Moderate - This trail follows along the banks of Byrd Creek for the entirety of the hike. At approximately one and a half miles hikers will come to the red and yellow junction. From here you should follow the red trail back to the CCC dam, then walk across the dam back to the park office where you started. This trail provides hikers with a unique tree top canopy of hemlock trees in several sections. Through these sections you will notice less vegetation on the forest floor and cooler temperatures in these areas. Hikers will also cross a small creek that is home to a very unique bridge that was built by an eagle scout.

Byrd Lake Trail - 0.50 Miles - Easy - This is the shortest hike on the park and is ADA accessible. The flexible porous pavement is ideal for wheelchairs, walkers and strollers. The trail winds around Byrd Lake to our foot bridge at the boat dock. This trail is great for viewing waterfowl and songbirds.

Cumberland Plateau Nature Trail - 0.85 Miles - Easy to Moderate - This trail showcases a variety of wildflowers throughout the year. It is one of the most easily accessible trails to view the pink lady’s slipper in the late spring. This trail takes hikers through dense forest on the upper section of trail and loops around to follow the creek on the lower section of trail. The trail completes the loop with a very picturesque view of the backside of the CCC Dam and Mill House Lodge.

Pioneer Short Loop Trail - 1.80 Miles - Easy - This is the most frequently hiked trail in our park. The trail follows along the banks of Byrd Lake to our famous swinging bridge and loops back around to our foot bridge at the boat dock. Along the trail,you will see a small rock overlook we call picnic rock. Stop here and enjoy the view. Hikers will pass through several sections of trail where mountain laurel and rhododendron create a pathway along the trail. The long section of rock steps that hikers will go up and down are original steps put in by the Civilian Conservation Corps.

Overnight Trail - 5.95 Miles - Moderate to Difficult - This trail is accessed by hiking the Bryd Creek Trail to the blue and yellow junction. From here the overnight trail begins; a six mile loop trail that provides hikers with a dense forest surrounding them. The forest is made up of mostly oaks, hickory, sourwood, black gum, Virginia pine and white pines. You should be prepared to cross a swinging bridge and several creeks and streams along this loop trail. In the late spring, the overnight trail is home to a grove of pink lady’s slippers. The overnight campsite is located on this trail. Please register at the park office before camping.

Pioneer Loop Trail - 2.55 Miles - Moderate - Accessed by hiking the Pioneer Short Loop Trail, this trail begins just past the swinging bridge. The trail is a three mile loop that follows Byrd Creek upstream to a one lane sandstone arch bridge built by the CCC. The trail crosses the bridge and and then returns on the opposite side of the creek. Along this section of trail you will see a variety of rock overhangs and unique rock outcroppings. Hikers will also pass through our fat-man squeeze if you are lucky! The trail provides numerous opportunities to view a variety of plants, trees, and wildlife.