Chickasaw State Park


FERN CREEK TRAIL 0.65 Miles Easy

The Fern Creek Trail begins and ends at Brewer Cabin, a one-room log cabin built in the 1870s. This trail passes through both lowland areas as well as upland hardwood forests. Ferns are plentiful all along this route which gives the trail its name. A 0.2-mile spur at the mid-point of the trail connects to the RV campground.

FORKED PINE TRAIL 0.95 Miles Moderate

The Forked Pine Trail begins at the trailhead in the main parking lot. This trail passes through numerous large loblolly pine trees, tulip poplars, and oaks before bringing you back to the main trailhead. There are some hills and elevation change on this trail. This trail connects to both the Friends Trail and Lake Shore Trail along its route.

FRIENDS TRAIL  1.20 Miles Moderate

The Friends Trail also begins at the Main Parking Lot Trailhead. This trail was built by the Friends of Chickasaw State Park. This trail begins with several hills and frequent elevation changes through an upland hardwood forest before transitioning to a wetland area. In this area, you will be able to see beaver habitat as well as numerous other aquatic plants and animals. This trail ends on the east side of the Lake Shore Trail.

LAKE LAJOIE TRIALl 1.80 Miles Easy

This trail is available to registered guests of the group camp and follows the shore of Lake Lajoie. The camp and trailhead are on the western edge of Chickasaw State Forest.

LAKE SHORE TRAIL 1.75 Miles Easy

This is the most popular trail at Chickasaw State Park. This trail follows the entire shoreline of Lake Placid and connects several of our recreation areas including the tent campground, swimming area, and boat dock. This signature feature of this trail is the 640-foot footbridge that crosses the middle of Lake Placid connecting the tent campground with the main recreation area.

OWENS SPRING TRAIL 0.80 Miles Moderate

Owens Spring Trail begins at the tent campground and travels through both upland areas as well as wetland areas before connecting to the east side of the Lake Shore Trail. The trail passes by several natural springs that feed Lake Placid, as well as crossing the levee of the old fish hatchery that was used in the 1930s to initially stock Lake Placid when the park was originally built.

TENT LOOP TRAIL 0.40 Miles Easy

The tent loop connects at two points along the Lake Shore Trail near the tent campground. When combined with the portion of the Lake Shore Trail near the campground this creates an easy 0.8-mile loop that circles the entire tent campground.


The Public Horse Trail begins at the Wrangler campground and connects to Chickasaw State Forest where horseback riders can find numerous miles of horseback trails.