Booker T. Washington State Park


Bald eagles, osprey, and many species of waterfowl are frequently seen at Booker T. Washington State Park. The fishing pier is popular with great blue herons, and one is often seen on the peak of the roof. The hilly area where the mountain bike trails are located is excellent for spring and fall migratory birds. One hundred twenty-nine species have been observed. For more park and nearby birding locations, view flyer.

Booker T. Washington, Boat Ramp and Fishing Pier: 35.11218, -85.17730, Winter, Spring, Fall
0.25 Mile | Paved Surface | Easy
The fishing pier and the boat ramp are the best areas for viewing the lake at the park.
Featured Birds: Canada goose, great blue heron, common loon, horned grebe, bald eagle, gulls, scaups, terns,
common loon, ducks, and mergansers.

Booker T. Washington, Hiking Trail: 35.11220, -85.17527, Winter, Spring, Fall
5.00 Miles | Natural Surface | Difficult
The brushy lake shore affords fall migrant songbirds and breeding eastern kingbird and orchard oriole. The
Virginia pines hold breeding brown-headed nuthatches and pine warblers.
Featured Birds: eastern kingbird, orchard oriole, brown-headed nuthatch, pine warbler, red-breasted nuthatch,
purple finch, and pine siskin.