Bledsoe Creek State Park


Bledsoe Creek is a small park located in the state’s Central Basin on the shore of impounded Bledsoe Creek, a tributary of Old Hickory Lake. Over four and a half miles of trails take visitors from the lakeshore to a high ridgetop. From these locations, a variety of birds ranging from waders and wintering waterfowl to transient and nesting songbirds may be observed. One hundred and sixteen species have been recorded at the park. For additional birding locations, view flyer.

Mayo Wix Trail: 36.37818, -86.36035, Year-round
1.0 Miles | Paved Surface | Easy | | 931-645-7476
This level barrier-free trail goes through young woodlands and is adjacent to a shaded stream. A wildlife viewing deck
offering views of open water and a swampy backwater habitat.
Featured Birds: red-shouldered hawk, belted kingfisher, green heron, barred owl, pileated woodpecker, Carolina wren,
prothonotary warbler, Louisiana waterthrush, other warblers in migration, indigo bunting.

Shoreline Trail: 36.37716, -86.35907, Year-round
1.5 Miles | Natural Surface | Easy
This trail hugs the shore consisting of open woods, with several accessible open water viewing spots, ending at the park
boat ramp.
Featured Birds: Canada goose, bald eagle, osprey, great egret, great blue heron, double-crested cormorant, lesser scaup,
bufflehead, other winter waterfowl, black and turkey vulture, purple martin, eastern kingbird, northern rough-winged
swallow, downy and hairy woodpecker, northern parula, yellow-throated warbler, American goldfinch.

High Ridge Trail: 36.37864, -86.36057, Winter, Spring, Fall
1.3 Miles | Natural Surface | Moderate/Challenging
Climbing in elevation from the lakeshore to a high ridge with a scenic view of the lake, this trail winds through oak-hickory
forest, along a steep, rocky hillside and shaded lake edge.
Featured Birds: Red-tailed and sharp-shinned hawk, red-bellied woodpecker, wild turkey, great-crested flycatcher, scarlet
and summer tanager, yellow-billed cuckoo, blue-gray gnatcatcher, Kentucky and black-and-white warbler, Tennessee, other
warblers in migration, American goldfinch.