Big Hill Pond State Park


The park encompasses 4,138 acres of timberland and hardwood bottomland where a variety of woodland birds can be seen. Cypress Creek and Tuscumbia River border the park and are known to host nesting bald eagles. There is a 70-foot fire tower. The flood plain, adjacent to the river and creek contains small oxbows and swampy areas which are a desirable habitat for waterfowl, wildlife, and fish. 

Turkey Call Trail: Dismal Swamp Boardwalk: 35.044862, -88.737195 - Winter, Spring, Fall
2.45 Miles - Natural Surface – Moderate
This loop trail offers an elevated boardwalk through the Dismal Swamp then dips into the Tuscumbia River floodplain before heading up the ridge into the hardwood forest.
Featured Birds: rusty blackbird, Carolina chickadee, tufted titmouse, northern rough-winged swallow, tree swallow, Acadian flycatcher, red-winged blackbird, Louisiana waterthrush, prothonotary warbler.

Tuscumbia Trail: Lookout Tower: 35.050581, -88.739966 – Winter, Fall
2.30 Miles – Natural Surface - Moderate
The 70-foot tall refurbished fire tower offers excellent 360˚ views of Travis McNatt Lake and Dismal Swamp.
Featured Birds: turkey vulture, black vulture, red-tailed hawk, osprey, common grackle, and occasional bald eagle.

Fox Hollow Trail: 35.058243, -88.725896 - Winter, Summer, Fall
0.65 Miles - Natural Surface – Easy
The trail starts at the visitor center and skirts along the shore of Travis McNatt Lake.
Featured Birds: Canada goose, northern pintail, lesser scaup, blue-winged teal, bufflehead, gadwall,
double-crested cormorant, chimney swift, pied-billed grebe, killdeer, herons, and egrets.

Rocky Knob Trail: Trail Head: 35.066845, -88.723260 – Year-round
2.40 Miles - Natural Surface – Moderate
Starting in the campground the trail heads upland through mixed pine forest crossing Dismal Branch twice.
Featured Birds: red-eyed vireo, pine siskin, wild turkey, Baltimore orioles, wood thrush, hermit thrush, American redstart, eastern whip-poor-will, Carolina chickadee.