COVID-19 UPDATES: Keeping Visitors Healthy

Norris Dam State Park


Norris Dam 84-Mile Challenge

Starting January 1, 2020 Norris Dam State Park  will begin a new program called the “Norris Dam 84-Mile Challenge.”  The 84 comes for the 84th anniversary of Norris Dam. The program entails park visitors hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, or paddling on the trails and waterways at Norris Dam State Park, TVA Norris Dam trails and Norris Watershed trails.  We will also be offering ranger-led healthy hikes monthly at the park. This program compliments the Healthy Parks Healthy Person (HPHP) initiative. This will be a year long challenge where particiapnts will need to download this activity log  to record their miles throughout the year. Activity logs are also available in the park office. 

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is allowed on 11 trails, covering approximately 22 miles. These are multi-use trails. Maps are available online and a hiking/biking trail brochure may be purchased at the park.

Interpretive Programs and Events

The Lenoir Museum Cultural Complex is a must-see for park visitors. The complex includes the Lenoir Pioneer Museum, an 18th Century Rice Grist Mill and Crosby Threshing Barn. Exhibits include Appalachian artifacts and a pre-dam pictorial account of the area submerged by the lake. Tours available by request. 

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Located on the shores of Norris Lake, the park offers recreational boating, skiing and fishing. 

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The pool at Norris Dam State Park will remain closed for the 2020 summer season. The decision was made to keep this facility closed in the interest of public health and staff safety. COVID-19 presents unique challenges for managing pools. Pools are confined spaces not conducive to social distancing. The very nature of lifeguarding requires close contact with pool users and creates a potential for unnecessary risk in life-saving situations. We apologize for this inconvenience and look forward to the next opportunity we have to reopen the pool for your enjoyment. The park remains open and is still a great place for you to enjoy water-based recreation this summer. Find other activities at the park here.

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The park has fifteen trails. They range in length from .5 mile to 5 miles and vary in degrees of difficulty from easy to difficult. These trails traverse ridge tops, valleys, hollows, and the lakeshore. Mountain biking and equestrian use is available on designated trails. Trail maps are available at the park office. 

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Norris Dam is a 34,000-acre flood control impoundment on the Clinch River and provides excellent opportunities for fishing.

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Waterfowl, osprey and eagles frequent the lake and the forests harbor great numbers of migratory birds in the spring and fall. For more park and nearby birding locations, view flyer.

Horseback Riding

Norris Dam State Park shares a boundary with the City of Norris. The following trails, located on the east side, are open for equestrian use: Camp Sam, Lake View Trail, Lakeside Loop, and Highpoint Trail.