Bledsoe Creek State Park



High Ridge Trail — 1.4 Miles — Natural — Difficult
The Shoreline Trail — 2.1 Miles — Natural — Easy
Owl Ridge Trail — 0.5 Miles — Natural — Difficult
The Birdsong Nature Trail — 0.5 Miles — Paved — ADA
Mayo Wix Memorial Trail — 1.0 Miles — Paved — ADA

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Old Hickory Lake (22,500 Reservoir) provides fishing, skiing, and other water recreation activities. It is known for good bass, crappie, catfish and sauger fishing. Many anglers enjoy fishing near the power plant. Bank fishing is decent along lakeside trails, and waterfront campsites. The park features a public boat launch ramp with courtesy dock for the general public and another ramp for registered campers only. Both ramps can accommodate fishing boats.


Over four and a half miles of trails take visitors from the lakeshore to a high ridgetop. From these locations a variety of birds ranging from waders and wintering waterfowl to transient and nesting songbirds may be observed. One hundred and sixteen species have been recorded at the park. The paved Mayo Wix Trail winds through young woodlands, leading to an observation deck.

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