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Bledsoe Creek State Park

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Although Bledsoe Creek is surrounded by water, the park does not have any designated swimming areas and swimming is not allowed. However, there are several places nearby that offer swimming and sand beaches, and are great places for cooling off! View list.

Paddling - Kayak and Paddleboard Rentals

Bledsoe Creek offers kayak and paddleboard rentals through PaddleEZ. The price is $18 per hour. Once you complete your online reservation and payment, you will receive a code to access your boat and equipment. Reserve your kayak or SUP HERE.


Visit any of the trails of Bledsoe Creek, ranging in difficulty and distance, including Owl Ridge Trail and The Shoreline Trail!


Old Hickory Lake (22,500 Reservoir) provides fishing, skiing, and other water recreation activities.


Bledsoe Creek is a small park located in the state’s Central Basin on the shore of impounded Bledsoe Creek, a tributary of Old Hickory Lake. Over four and a half miles of trails take visitors from the lakeshore to a high ridgetop. From these locations, a variety of birds ranging from waders and wintering waterfowl to transient and nesting songbirds may be observed. One hundred and sixteen species have been recorded at the park. For additional birding locations, view flyer.