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Corinth, MS

Corinth is often referred to as Mississippi’s Gateway City due to its location in the northeast corner of the state. Visitors can explore Mississippi’s history and culture through abundant historical sites, unique shops, and the infamous slugburger, only 30 minutes from Lodge Pickwick Landing.

Attractions in Corinth, MS

Corinth National Cemetery

This cemetery was the final resting place for 1,793 known and 3,895 unknown soldiers representing 273 regiments from 15 states.

Corinth Civil War Interpretive Center

This National Historic Landmark explores six major themes including the role of the railroad; the role of earthworks and fortifications; the African American experience; Corinth as a military learning ground; the Shiloh-Corinth corridor and America before and after the American Civil War through films, animated panorama, artifacts, and maps.

Crossroads Museum

Browse thousands of artifacts detailing the city’s rich history and view exhibits covering topics from NFL great Jackie Simpson to the Southern delicacy known as the hot tamale.

Corinth Cocoa-Cola Museum

Visit the museum home to more than 1,000 pieces of authentic Coca-Cola memorabilia. The town also has a large coca-cola mural where you can take pictures to prove it.

Farmers Markets

Shop like a local. Take your pick of locally grown fruit and veggies right out of the farmer’s truck bed. Open seasonally on Shiloh Road and Fulton Drive.

Lake Hill Motors Motorcycle Museum

Over 150 rare motorcycles are on display in this museum located inside of a motorcycle dealership.

Slugburger Cafe

Corinth is known for mom-and-pop diners with a traditional southern flare. Locals say you shouldn’t leave without trying an iconic “slug burger,” made of ground beef and soy, deep-fried and served with mustard, onion, and pickle.

Slugburger Festival

Your friends back home won’t believe you went to a slugburger festival during your nature centered stay at Pickwick Landing, and that’s half the fun. Every second weekend in July the entire town celebrates the infamous deep-fried patty known as the Slugburger. This unique festival is a three-day event that offers big name entertainment, a carnival around court square and, of course, slugburgers. Only 30-minutes from Lodge Pickwick Landing, you’ll be back before dinner.