Cooler temperatures bring to life new adventures at Tennessee State Parks. The parks and trails you love transform into new landscapes that offer fresh opportunities. Enjoy the warmth of a crackling fire inside a state park cabin or hike the snow-covered mountaintops of east Tennessee. Whatever your speed, you’ll find an adventure to enjoy at Tennessee State Parks this winter.

The Best State Parks for Winter Camping in Tennessee

Take advantage of a large selection of campsites, fewer crowds, and a bug-free experience during the off-season at these Tennessee state park campgrounds.

The Best Winter Hikes in Tennessee

When winter rolls around, we often settle into routines that revolve around staying indoors. However, winter is one of the best times to hike at Tennessee State Parks. We’ll also cover how to stay safe and warm while exploring some of the best winter hikes at Tennessee State Parks and Natural Areas! 

Winter Adventures to Experience in Tennessee

The winter season transforms the beautiful state of Tennessee into a spectacular landscape full of adventure. Your chance to experience cross-country skiing, frozen waterfalls, and cozy cabins across the state starts with Tennessee State Parks. Take the first step towards planning a winter to remember by checking out this list of incredible state park adventures. 

Cozy Cabins for Warm Winter Stays

During the Winter months, it's the perfect time of year to make use of the many cabins Tennessee State Parks have to offer. Here are seven cabin recommendations for a cozy stay – stay warm while still getting to experience our great Tennessee State Parks!  

Escape to a Winter Wonderland at These 3 State Parks

Wake up to a fresh blanket of snow, explore frosty forests, and find cozy bakeries along the way. Here are three Tennessee state parks to visit this winter if you're in search of a cabin getaway in wonderland.