What We Do

The Tennessee State Parks Conservancy, a 501(c)3 nonprofit partner of the Tennessee State Parks system, is dedicated to making Tennessee State Parks better by raising funds from corporations, foundations and individuals for educational programs, health initiatives and special park projects.

Supporting the TSPC allows companies, foundations and individuals to demonstrate their commitment to protecting Tennessee’s 56 beautiful state parks for people to enjoy for years to come. Some of the types of programs and projects the organization helps fund are:

Educational Programs

Field Trip Scholarships
Based on a successful program by the National Park Foundation, which supports the National Park Service, this program allows students from diverse backgrounds an opportunity to take a field trip to their local state park. Scholarships cover transportation, lunches and other associated costs.

Junior Ranger Camp Sponsorships
This program offers children a summer camp experience that provides hands-on opportunities for exploring and learning about the natural world through an array of fun and creative activities. Sponsorships allow students to attend who might not otherwise be able to due to financial restrictions. 

Health Initiatives

Healthy Parks, Healthy Person Program
An initiative of Henry Horton State Park, funded in part by the Tennessee Department of Health, Healthy Parks, Healthy Person is a community-based health program that encourages people to incorporate park activities into an overall health plan.

Playgrounds provide a fun and healthy environment for kids to learn, experiment and interact with one another. The TSPC will also prioritize accessible playgrounds, which provide special equipment for kids of all abilities.

Fitness Trails
Fitness trails provide exercise equipment installed along a trail so park users can get a complete workout outside of a gym environment.

Special Park Projects

Story Book Trails
Story book trails allow some of our youngest park visitors to enjoy our parks and at the same time promote reading. Currently we have Story Book trails at Long Hunter State Park and will soon have one at South Cumberland State Park.

Museum Exhibits
Funding for museum exhibits allows parks to create an interactive experience for visitors to learn about local history, nature or the unique aspects of a park.

Outdoor Classrooms
Outdoor classrooms provide a space for students to learn about nature outside of a traditional classroom by giving them an opportunity to participate in experiential learning.

Preservation of Natural and Cultural Resources