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How much does it cost to participate?

  • The registration fee is $150

What does my registration fee cover?

  • 2020 BRAT Jersey (Men’s/Women’s/Women’s Tank)
  • Unisex 2020 BRAT T-shirt
  • Membership to the BRAT Cycling Club via Love to Ride
  • Chance to win prizes from Love to Ride & BRAT (shirts, jerseys, 2021 BRAT registration, etc.)
  • Set goals and interact with other BRAT riders to help each other reach goals
  • Access to BRAT routes across the state on Ride with GPS
  • Access to invite-only small group rides with the BRAT Director

Do I have to ride on the road?

  • No! The great part about the virtual BRAT is the ability to ride any way you choose. One day you can hit the asphalt with your kids, the next you can dust the trainer off and cycle in the garage, and the next day you could meet up with a couple of friends and ride some gravel (socially distanced of course)!

How long do I have to cycle and log 688 miles?

  • The BRAT will begin September 1 and end September 30. You will have an entire month to reach your goal!

What if I want to ride more than 688 miles in September?

  • Go for it! We will be cheering you on along the way. Help us reach our combined goal of 31,000 in honor of this being the 31st Annual Bicycle Ride Across Tennessee!

When will I receive my jersey and t-shirt?

  • We will be shipping out your BRAT swag at the end of September, you should expect to receive it no later than mid-October.

Where will the routes you provide on Ride with GPS be located?

  • All routes provided for the Virtual BRAT will be located in the state of Tennessee, mostly starting and ending at TN State Parks.

What parks will have routes?

  • David Crockett State Park
  • Fall Creek Falls State Park
  • Henry Horton State Park
  • Montgomery Bell State Park
  • Natchez Trace State Park
  • Paris Landing State Park
  • Pickwick Landing State Park
  • Standing Stone State Park
  • Tims Ford State Park

**Additional Parks will be added as routes are confirmed**

How long are the routes that will be provided?

  • There will be routes of varying distances provided. Expect to see routes with mileage between 25 miles and 83 miles.

When and where will the Small Group Rides be?

  • September 2nd: TN BREW WORKS: Nashville, TN (21 miles)
  • September 9th: David Crockett State Park: Lawrenceburg, TN (48 miles)
  • September 14th: Natchez Trace State Park: Wildersville, TN (60 miles)
  • September 19th: Paris Landing State Park: Buchanan, TN (65 miles)
  • September 26th: Henry Horton State Park: Chapel Hill, TN (50 miles)
  • September 26th: Warriors' Path State Park: Kingsport, TN (26.2 miles)
  • September 30th: TBD

How do I earn Peddle Points?

  • Create a Love to Ride Account
  • Join the BRAT Cycling Club
  • Log your rides
  • Encourage other riders
  • Receive points

What could I win?

  • The BRAT will have two prize drawings, one on September 16th and another on October 1st.
  • The number of points you earn will place you in a certain tier, either Bronze, Silver, or Gold.
    • September 16th Drawing
      • Bronze: 200- 499 Peddle Points
      • Silver: 500-999 Peddle Points
      • Gold: 1000 or more Peddle Points
    • October 1st Drawing
      • Bronze: 400-749 Peddle Points
      • Silver: 750-1499 Peddle Points
      • Gold: 1500 or more Peddle Points
  • Bronze prizes may include small apparel or accessory items, Silver is a choice of a BRAT t-shirt or jersey, and Gold is free registration for the 2021 BRAT!

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