Staying safe while trying to “catch ‘em all”

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Over the last week, we’ve had quite a few new visitors to our parks. As gamers across the state have embraced Pokémon Go, our parks have seen an increase in visitors trying to “catch ‘em all”. We think it’s great that an augmented reality game can connect new visitors to the natural beauty and cultural resources in Tennessee State Parks.

We’re thrilled about greeting the new visitors to our parks, and we want to make sure our visitors have the best experience possible. We want to help all visitors interact with the park in a safe, smart and courteous way.

Here are a few requests we have for all visitors, but especially for any gamers who might visit our parks:
  • Before visiting a park, check the park hours. You can find park hours for all 56 Tennessee State Parks at We don’t want anyone to get in trouble for trespassing after hours.

  • When you arrive, check the park rules. Our parks serve many purposes. Some are historic sites that have monuments and solemn areas. Some are both state parks as well as natural areas, meant to protect the resources of our state. Each park is a little different, and has rules that affect what you can and cannot do. The best way to find these rules is to stop in the park office to verify the rules.

  • Please do not use any augmented reality games while operating a vehicle. Our parks are full of bikers, walkers and wildlife. It is important to remain attentive while driving.

  • If your path takes you out on park trails, make sure you take plenty of water and snacks with you. If you forgot to bring these with you, many of our parks sell these items in the gift shops, visitor centers, restaurants and inns.

  • Please stay on marked park trails during your visit. The goal of our trails is to guide you safely through the park, as well as protect endangered species and habitats. Going off trail can put you, and the natural environment, in danger.

  • Please do not wander into restricted areas or around closed gates. These areas are restricted for your safety as well as the safety of the wildlife, park equipment, and park staff.

  • Respect the other park visitors. People visit our parks for many reasons. Some come for the day. Others spend the night. Please respect their privacy and do not disturb other park guests, especially in places like campgrounds or near cabins and inns.

  • While you’re visiting, enjoy nature. Looking up from your phone regularly will keep you safe and will help you take in some of the breathtaking views we have in Tennessee State Parks.  

We’re really excited to have you visit, and we hope you become, “the very best, like no one ever was”.


Safety in Tennessee State Parks Video

Please Note: Tennessee State Parks has no official relationship with Pokemon Go or its creators. 

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