Seven Islands State Birding Park

July 22, 2014  |  Permalink

One of the most popular attractions to our state parks and natural areas is the possibility of seeing wildlife in a natural setting. Our areas offer some of the best opportunities in the state to observe wildlife. The addition of Seven Islands State Birding Park to our system adds another great wildlife viewing destination.

Seven Islands is teeming with birds. It is almost certain that a visitor will see and hear birds at the park. I get a smile when I am there and hear the sound of the Bobwhite Quail. Its’ song used to be very common, but recently it has become less so because of loss of habitat. The active effort to improve the habitats at Seven Islands has provided the Bobwhite with an ideal home. The fields of native grasses and wildflowers are also teeming with butterflies and sightings of Whitetail Deer and other mammals are commonplace.

Seven Islands State Birding Park is sure to become known as a top wildlife observation area in East Tennessee. I believe it will join Reelfoot Lake State Park in West Tennessee and Radnor Lake State Natural Area in Middle Tennessee as a wildlife observation showplace.

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Randy Hedgepath

Tennessee State Naturalist Randy Hedgepath is a native of west Tennessee, where his family’s farm was just 15 miles from the Tennessee River. After graduating from UT Martin and working seasonally for several years for the National Park Service and Tennessee State Parks, he has spent the last 33 years with state parks. Randy worked as a ranger/naturalist at South Cumberland State Park on the Cumberland Plateau and at Radnor Lake Natural Area in Nashville until 2007 when he was given the opportunity to be the statewide naturalist for the state park system.