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Kids Friendly Adventures at Pickwick Lake

August 24, 2021  |  Permalink

Sunset on Pickwick Lake

If you are looking for a lake adventure to rejuvenate with your family, Pickwick Landing State Park is an excellent choice. Located to the south of Pickwick Dam, this gorgeous State Park offers a variety of recreational activities including camping, cabins, picnicking, nature trails, fishing, and boat rentals that are absolutely perfect for families with kids.

An outdoor table on cabin porch overlooking Pickwick Lake

Where to Stay?

State Park offers a couple of premium Lakeside Cabins (Rates starting at $250 per night). These luxurious cabins with spacious 2+ bedrooms are located on the shores of Pickwick Lake provide a picturesque view of the lake, from the luxury of the living room and the deck. They offer a fully equipped kitchen, washer, dryer, patio furniture, gas grill, 24-hour free wi-fi, and other basic amenities for the comfort of your stay. They are also located at a perfect walking distance from marina rentals, trails, picnic areas, and a small sandy beach.

Cabins at Pickwick Landing State Park

If you are looking for more economical options, the State Park also offers Standard Cabins at much lower rates. Staff Tip: The park also offers a newly renovated Lodge with guest rooms overlooking the lake.


Kids Friendly Things to Do

A child reading a book on a cabin porch overlooking Pickwick Lake

Cabin Life: A phenomenal way to unplug, unwind and spend quality time with your family amidst the wilderness, whilst cherishing the spectacular view of the lake. We spent most of our ‘cabin time’ on the patio overlooking the lake, playing board games, reading a book and relishing homecooked meals (which tasted ‘extra’ delicious on this ambiance) and witnessing mesmerizing sunrises.


hiking trails at Pickwick Landing

Island Loop Trail: This trail is just a 5-minute walk from the cabin. It is 2.8 miles long and is an easy trail. However, it is slightly rocky with some gravel and periodic inclines. We had a hard time pushing the regular baby stroller along this trail, due to its rocky and bumpy terrain. I am sure the larger wheeled strollers work best here. Nevertheless, our 18-month-old baby girl had a great time navigating this path. We got to experience the lake up-close and from a different vantage point in this trail. Highly recommend!


Boats docked at a marina

Marina: offers a plethora of rentals including kayaks, canoes, ski boats, pontoon boats, et al for relaxing and adventurous water recreation.


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