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My TN State Parks: Week 1 Donation Results

January 10, 2021  |  Permalink

Since January 1, over 700 people have donated to vote for your favorite Tennessee State Park. You have now given over $12,000 to help protect and improve the places you love! Now it's time to see how your park is doing:

Week One Total for My TN State Park 2020

Week One Voting Rank for My TN State Park 2020


Putting it lightly, 2020 has been a hard year. We've all been united through hardships, but another uniting force emerged through the hardships—Tennessee State Parks.

For the entire month of January, you can donate to vote for your favorite park. Every dollar given will directly support the park of your choosing. This friendly competition will give you the opportunity to show your love and appreciation for the places that “kept you going in 2020.”

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