My TN State Park Fundraiser 2022: Final Results

February 1, 2022  |  Permalink

Thank you to everyone who generously supported a Tennessee State Park during the My TN State Park Fundraiser. It's donors like you who help make our some of the best in the nation.

For the second year in a row, over 2,000 park lovers voted in this friendly competition. In total, donors gave $111,875 to state parks across Tennessee. We're thrilled to announce that every state park received at least $500 in donations. We can't wait to share updates on how parks use the funds to help grow the natural places you love.

Now for the final results:

This year, parks were categorized into three groupings based on annual visitation. This format allowed more parks to be recognized for the support shown during this fundraiser. The winning parks will be awarded unique wooded plaques featuring the names of all their donors!

Each park receives 100% of the funds donated through the My TN State Park fundraiser and will use them to enhance their parks and the visitor experience through unique projects. Keep up with your favorite park on social media to stay up to date with how your donations are being put to work.

We want to thank every single donor for showing up and demonstrating their love and appreciation for these parks. Tennessee State Parks are better because of your support.

Thank you for supporting YOUR Tennessee State Parks!

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