My TN State Park Donations at Work

March 29, 2022  |  Permalink

Over $111,000 Raised for TN State Parks

It's been two months since the conclusion of the My TN State Park Fundraiser. The results were astounding. Over 2,000 supporters voted for their favorite Tennessee State Park, donating just over $111,000 to state parks across Tennessee.

This year, our parks went into the fundraiser with big goals. Now we're seeing those goals become a reality as parks put these donations to work. Today we want to share a few ways that your donations are making a difference.

New and Improved Recycling Stations

Staff at Hiwassee/Ocoee Scenic River State Park have created a fun way to recycle aluminum cans at their Gee reek Campground and upgraded some of their old trash cans with new BearSaver recycling receptacles. This project was made possible by generous donations to the park.

Experience Frozen Head From Anywhere

During this year's My TN State Park Fundraiser, supporters generously donated over $6,000 to Frozen Head State Park. This funding allowed the park to purchase a new camera that captures 360-degree photos and videos. This technology can potentially provide park experiences for persons with disabilities and allow campers to view campsites at the park before booking. Videos are available on the park's YouTube and Facebook page

Top image by ©Tennessee Photographs

Restoring the Historic Gristmill at Norris Dam

Norris Dam State Park's goal during this year's My TN State Park Fundraiser was to raise enough money to restore the Historic Rice Gristmill at the park. Over 60 people donated just over $3,000 to Norris Dam during the fundraiser, allowing the park to start the long-awaited restoration project. A portion of the funds are currently being used to replace cogs inside the gristmill. Staff will continue to post updates about the restoration on the park's Facebook page.

New Pet Waste Stations at Rock Island

Thanks to donations from this year's My TN State Park Fundraiser, Rock Island State Park was able to purchase six new pet waste bag dispensers and signs. These dispensers were installed at the Twin Falls overlook, Collins River trailhead, the campground 1-30 & 31-50 bathhouse, the beach, and at the pet-friendly cabins.

About the My TN State Park Fundraiser

The My TN State Park Fundraiser started in January 2021. The idea was simple: every dollar donated represented a vote to support a favorite state park. Individuals and communities rallied around the campaign as a chance to show appreciation for the outdoor spaces they love. The end result was over $96,000 raised for state parks across Tennessee. Each park retained 100% of its donated funds and used them to enhance the park and the visitor experience through unique projects such as trail repair, birds of prey programs, and childhood education efforts.

Due to its success in 2021, Tennessee State Parks decided to make it an annual fundraiser. For the second year in 2022, over 2,000 park supporters voted in this friendly competition. In total, donors gave just over $111,000 to state parks across Tennessee. Parks are now putting those donations to work.

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