My TN State Park Fundraiser 2023 Final Results

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Those who visit Tennessee State Parks often become avid supporters and want to show their love for these natural places in a tangible way. That’s why for the third consecutive year, Tennessee State Parks hosted the My TN State Park fundraiser, allowing people to vote for their favorite state parks. This year's fundraiser held in partnership with the Tennessee State Parks Conservancy, was a resounding success, thanks to the generosity of our donors.

During April 2023, people from all over the state and beyond came together to donate to their favorite state parks, with each dollar counting as a vote. And those votes added up! Over 1,600 donations poured in for state parks, amounting to over $113,000. The funds raised during the My TN State Park Fundraiser will be used to support projects that will improve our parks, from repairing hiking trails to supporting animal ambassadors to enhancing education efforts.

Ready to see how your park did in this friendly competition? Check out the final results below!


First Place in Each Group

Group #1 (Parks With Over 750,000 Annual Visitors) Paris Landing State Park

Paris Landing State Park plans to use the over $5,600 raised to purchase food and the necessary equipment to enhance the aviary for their Birds of Prey program. Hiwassee/Ocoee State Park came in second place with over $5,300 and Big Ridge State Park came in third place with over $4,900.

Group #2 (Parks With 350–750,000 Annual Visitors) South Cumberland State Park

South Cumberland State Park plans to use the over $3,300 raised to enhance the aviary for their Birds of Prey program and replace the wooden footbridges and structures on the Fiery Gizzard Trail System. Henry Horton State Park came in second place with over $2,300 and Norris Dam State Park came in third place with over $2,300.

Group #3 (Parks With Less Than 350,000 Annual Visitors) Frozen Head State Park

Frozen Head State Park plans to use the over $10,700 raised to purchase equipment to maintain trails, trail signage, invasive species control, and Natural Area rehabilitation. Additionally the park plans to enhance their backcountry experience for guests by re-decking the backcountry bridges and purchasing overnight adventure equipment for park-led backpacking trips. Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park came in second place with over $6,000 and Seven Islands State Birding Park came in third place with over $5,800.

Quick Stats

  • State parks received over 1,600 donations, amounting to over $113,000.
  • 17 state parks met or exceeded their target goal.
  • 26 state parks raised more in 2023 than 2022.
  • Bicentennial Captiol Mall State Park had the highest increase in donations year over year, exceeding their goal and raising over $6,000. The park plans to purchase a pop-up dog park that will provide a safe place for dogs to be off-leash while enjoying the outdoors in downtown Nashville.
  • One park over $10k, five parks over $5k, thirty-four parks over $1k, 52 parks over $500, and all parks raised over $200.

Thank You

The parks that ranked first place in their group will be awarded unique wooded plaques featuring the names of all their donors. But the real winners are the visitors to Tennessee State Parks, who will benefit from the enhanced experience made possible by your support. So keep up with your favorite park on social media to see how your donations are being put to work, and know that you are making a real difference.

We cannot thank you enough for your love and appreciation for these parks, and for your vital support of the My TN State Park fundraiser. Tennessee State Parks are truly better because of you.

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