My TN State Park 2022: Week Two Voting Report

January 16, 2022  |  Permalink

Today we've hit two milestones in the My TN State Park 2020 Fundraiser:

  • We're halfway through the fundraiser with two weeks to go.
  • 663 people have donated over $29,500!

Your generosity has shown just how much you love these parks and care about their protection and improvement. Now it's time to see how your park is doing:

Voting Is Open Until January 31st

For the entire month of January, you can donate to vote for your favorite park. Every $1 donation = 1 vote. Every dollar donated will directly support the park of your choice. Donations help your favorite park invest in projects that will improve the visitor experience, such as facility upgrades, birds of prey programs, and childhood education efforts.

Will you give $1 to show your support?

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Donation Quick Facts

  • Each park you donate to retains 100% of the funds you give.
  • Donations help improve the park/visitor experience in ways otherwise not budgeted.
  • Birds of Prey are a great example. These optional programs are started to help connect visitors with wildlife and rehabilitate wounded birds
  • It costs an average of $500/month to care for birds of prey at one park
  • Over half (31/56) parks have received less than $300 through My TN State Park.

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