Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park Wins Sustainability Award

January 29, 2019  |  Permalink

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) has recognized Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park in Nashville with the 2018 Award for Excellence in Sustainability.

“Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park is one of Tennessee’s most recognized state parks, sitting adjacent to the State Capitol, and its performance in sustainability makes it deserving of this award,” said Brock Hill, TDEC deputy commissioner. “Its work in recycling and energy efficiency has been outstanding and it demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability that is representative of Tennessee State Parks’ and TDEC’s values.”

Parks nominated for this award had to demonstrate exceptional sustainability measures which may include energy conservation, recycling, waste reduction, water conservation, local purchasing, reduction in consumption, organic and native gardening, use of recycled products, reduction of chemicals, and more.

From one event alone, staff at Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park recycled 1,256 pounds of waste, including 184 pounds of compost that was sent to a local farm. Lighting at the park has been transitioned to 100 percent LED with its 540 fixtures, equating to an approximate 77 percent savings in utility costs. An irrigation computer manages the 21 acres of landscaping with constant updating of water distribution and conservation. The park initiated a program of eliminating non-native and invasive plants to make way for more local plants that benefit wildlife and the overall ecological health of the park.

The park gives visitors a taste of Tennessee’s history, natural wonders and serves as a lasting monument to Tennessee’s Bicentennial Celebration, held on June 1, 1996. 



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