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8 Ways To Enjoy Tennessee State Parks From Home

April 22, 2020  |  Permalink

We're bringing you educational programs from parks across the state. With Ranger-led educational videos, adults and kids can engage in learning about the natural and historical aspects of our parks as well as participate in at-home activities. Learn about backyard botany or park critters, spend some time reading with a Ranger, or explore one of our 56 State Parks all right from home.


1. Watch nature blossom in our parks

Observing the changing seasons in our parks is something visitors look forward to enjoying each year. Although things are different this year, we’re not letting you miss out on the beautiful blooms you love. With virtual wildflower walkthroughs, you can experience spring in our parks from home. Our Rangers are even creating virtual backyard botany programs that help you explore spring in your own backyard. See more spring blooms by following us Tennessee State Parks on Instagram @tennesseestateparks.

Watch Spring Blossom


2. Meet some of our park critters

Our Rangers want to introduce you to the unique wildlife roaming our parks. Make sure to read the description of each video for extra facts and fun ways to interact at home.

Watch Park Critters


3. Spend a moment of peace in nature

Taking time for ourselves to just sit and be is one of the most important things we can do each day for our health. Carve out some time, even if it’s just a minute, to sit immersed in the sights and sounds of nature. Our moments in nature video playlist features beautiful scenes from parks across the state. 

A Moment In Nature


4. Reading with a Ranger

Our Park Rangers are finding peaceful spots near the creek or among some spring blooms to read stories to you. Find a cozy spot and pick a story from our reading with a ranger playlist. 

Reading With A Ranger


5. Read up on natural news

We’re cracking open the archives of the Tennessee State Parks Conservationist Magazine to bring a little piece of our parks into your homes. Through stunning visuals and articles, you can virtually visit some of your favorite places while learning about the rich history of our parks, the diverse wildlife that inhabits them, and the incredible people who care for them. So, what will you learn today? Check out the list of articles below to get started, then visit our Facebook page for daily article uploads.


You can subscribe to the Conservationist and have articles like these delivered straight to your door!



6. Explore our Parks

Now a great time to discover a new park. 

Explore Our Parks


7. Dive into Park History

Our parks hold a rich history that can be explored by all ages! Check out our YouTube playlists for educational videos that will help you dive deeper into the parks you love and the events that shaped them. (Photo:

Explore Park History


8. Learn a New Skill

Learn how to make redbud jelly, start a fire, or cook a delicious cast iron meal. With our “How-To” playlist, you'll learn new outdoor skills and recipes.

Learn A New Skill

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