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The sense of arrival draws many people to hiking. It's that bend in the trail where the trees clear to an expansive overlook, the tapestry of the canyon below unraveling before your eyes. It's the sound of rushing water and the misty feeling of the air that comes with an approaching waterfall. Even before you can see it, your senses of touch, smell, taste, and hearing tell you of its presence. 

These are the moments we live for on the trail. These are the feelings that a gym can't replicate. You can "arrive" at your third mile on a treadmill, but you don't experience that same sense of satisfaction and sensory fulfillment that you receive in the woods.

Fortunately, we have 1,100 miles of adventures in Tennessee that can deliver the sense of arrival, satisfaction and engagement that you crave. Come enjoy the beauty of a walk in the woods with us on June 4 as we celebrate National Trails Day at our 56 state parks.

Here are 5 hikes we think you'll enjoy:

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1. Big Hill Pond State Park

Join park staff for a hike up to the observation tower to enjoy the sunset from atop one of the highest points in the park. The view from the top of the 70 ft. tower allows hikers to see for miles in any direction. This evening hike is 5-miles long and will take about two-and-a-half hours to complete. Make sure you pack a flashlight with you since the hike back will happen in the dark after sunset. 

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2. Big Ridge State Park

Join us for an excursion into a remote and rarely hiked section of Big Ridge State Park that is full of beautiful scenery. This three-mile hike includes a half-mile vertical climb of 400 ft. and a steep 500 ft. descent over a quarter-mile stretch. Come enjoy Norris Lake's pristine shoreline and conquer the Ridge while learning about the park's frontier history. 

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3. Cordell Hull Birthplace State Park

Next Monday marks the 72nd anniversary of D-Day. Did you know that Cordell Hull served as Secretary of State to Franklin D. Roosevelt during that time period? Come out to Cordell Hull Birthplace State Park for a 2.5-mile hike that will include a visit to the cave in which Hull's father distilled moonshine during the 1800s. After the hike, step into the museum for a free tour of artifacts from Hull's life and his time serving in the White House. 

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4. Fort Pillow State Historic Park

Fort Pillow State Historic Park is the site of a Civil War fort that was built on the bluff overlooking the Mississippi River. This strategic location allowed the fort occupants to control supply shipments through that section of the river. The moderate five-mile hike at Fort Pillow will take you through some of the inner fort sections and the reconstructed fort where hikers will have a spectacular view of the river bottoms. Looking westward, hikers will have clear views of Arkansas and Missouri and will see how the Mississippi River's path has changed over the years. 

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5. Panther Creek State Park

Located near Knoxville, Panther Creek State Park is catering to those looking for adventure in their National Trails Day hike. The route will cover 5 miles, over several different terrain types, and will reach 1,465 ft. in elevation. This mid-morning hike will offer some great photos for your Instagram account. 

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Don't see a hike in your area?

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