COVID-19 UPDATES: Keeping Visitors Healthy

Rock Climbing

The Cumberland Plateau is noted for its beauty and is a premier rock climbing destination in the Southeast.


To help ensure that Tennessee State Parks continues to provide quality areas for recreational climbing, all climbers should register online or with park management prior to each time they climb in Tennessee State Parks. Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email with your unique registration number, site rules, and other helpful info. Please keep the registration number with you while climbing. At some locations, you may be asked to leave a piece of paper with your registration number on your car dashboard.

Groups of 10 or more, please call the park prior to filling out a registration. 

To learn more about climbing at a specific park and to register, visit a link below.

Cumberland Trail State Park
Fall Creek Falls State Park
South Cumberland State Park
Rocky Fork State Park


Annual Workshops

Tennesssee State Parks host annual climbing workshops hosted by Park Rangers and Park Managers who are highly experienced climbers. These workshops provide instruction on climbing safety, the use of climbing and rappel gear, and climbing techniques. Check back for 2021 workshop dates coming soon!

Safety and Risk

Climbers should fully understand and recognize that there are certain inherent risks, dangers, and perils connected with their participation in climbing activities and that climbers accept and assume full responsibility for such risks and any damage or injuries that might result therefrom. Please practice Leave No Trace principles and follow site-specific rules. For additional info please read the Tennessee State Park Climbing Management Plan.