Tennessee is home to a great diversity of birdlife and Tennessee State Parks offer excellent, year-round opportunities to explore this diversity. Whether you're looking for Tennessee's state bird, the northern mockingbird, a barred owl, cerulean warbler or a white ibis, you can find many of Tennessee’s birds in a state park.

Many parks have monthly bird walks sponsored by a local chapter of the Tennessee Ornithological Society. Bird walks, bird banding sessions and other bird-related events and programs are often listed on the event calendar.

Responsible Birding

- Do not endanger the welfare of birds.
- Tread lightly and respect bird habitat.
- Silence is golden.
- Do not use electronic sound devices to attract birds during nesting season, May-July.
- Take extra care when in a nesting area.
- Always respect the law and the rights of others, violators subject to prosecution.
- Do not trespass on private property.
- Avoid pointing your binoculars at other people or their homes.
- Limit group sizes in areas that are not conducive to large crowds.

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Tennessee State Parks has a variety of lodging options including camping, cabins, and inns. Do you know where you want to stay for your birding adventure? 


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