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The outdoors are here for you. When we spend time in nature, we discover beauty, find moments of clarity, and experience the excitement of new adventures, no matter how close to home. The door to your next adventure is waiting to be opened at Tennessee State Parks.

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Nine Vacation Ideas at Tennessee State Parks

Tennessee State Parks offers affordable, customizable, and family-friendly vacations across the state. Start exploring our top nine favorite trip ideas!


Five Tennessee State Park Road Trip Ideas

Summer road trip anyone? We've pre-planned 5 road trips packed with Tennessee State Parks, incredible outdoor adventures, history, and overnight stays. These trips include the mountains of East Tennessee, the upper Cumberland, Nashville, Memphis, and plenty of waterfalls.


Boy on a pontoon boat holding a fishing pole

Fishing, paddling, golfing, hiking, and a good night's rest is a trusted recipe for sweet summer memories in Tennessee. We've pulled together our nine parks that offer all of the summer activities you love in one place.


Explore the Lodges of Tennessee State Parks

The Lodges at Tennessee State Parks are your place to disconnect. Hundreds of acres of public land surround each of our Lodges. This shields them from the busyness of the outside world while affording you the comforts of modern vacation destinations. The Lodges offer dining, spacious rooms, and a host of outdoor recreation opportunities. 


Unique Historic Cabins at Tennessee State Parks

Cabins are more than just a place to rest for the night. Explore these newly renovated historical cabins that allow you to connect to history while enjoying modern comforts.


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