My TN State Park Fundraiser

The Results Are In!

Thank you to everyone who generously supported a Tennessee State Park during the My TN State Park Fundraiser! It's donors like you who help make our parks some of the best in the nation. Now for the results you've all been waiting for:

  • Most Donations Overall, 1st Place in Group #1, and Most Improved: Paris Landing State Park
  • 1st Place in Group #2: South Cumberland State Park
  • 1st Place in Group #3: Frozen Head State Park & Natural Area

For the second year in a row, over 2,000 park lovers voted in this friendly competition. In total, donors gave $111,875 to state parks across Tennessee. We're thrilled to announce that every state park received at least $500 in donations. We can't wait to share updates on how parks use the funds to help grow the natural places you love.

You can still support your favorite state park(s) year-round!

While this fundraising competition has closed, there are still opportunities to support and volunteer. Learn how you can donate or get involved today. 

The My TN State Parks Fundraiser takes place in January each year. All month long, Tennessee State Park supporters can donate to vote for their favorite TN State Park. Each park retains the funds that are donated. These donations help make your favorite park even better! Donations are used to support projects such as trail repair, birds of prey programs, and childhood education efforts.

Parks have been categorized into three groupings based on visitation. Parks will be “competing” against the other parks in their groupings. The parks that receive the most votes within their group will be awarded unique wooded plaques featuring the names of their donors. There will also be one award for "most improved" given to the park with the highest percentage increase in donations from last year's fundraiser to this year.


Last Year's Results | 2021 My TN State Park Fundraiser

The idea behind the My TN State Park Fundraiser was simple: every dollar donated represented a vote to support a favorite state park. Individuals and communities rallied around the campaign as a chance to show appreciation for the outdoor spaces that were so crucial to weathering 2020.

Nearly 3,000 donations came in to support every state park in Tennessee, giving over $96,000 to Tennessee State Parks.

Cumberland Mountain State Park is the winner of the My TN State Park fundraising campaign. The park received over $14,000 in January as supporters cast their votes for the state park that “kept them going” in 2020.


  1. Cumberland Mountain State Park – Crossville, TN
  2. Frozen Head State Park – Wartburg, TN
  3. Seven Islands State Birding Park - Kodak, TN

We want to thank every single donor for showing up and demonstrating their love and appreciation for these parks. Tennessee State Parks are better because of your support.


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